A PLAYFUL GEOMETRY WORKSHOP: Creating 3D Polyhedral Structures

The workshop is suitable for both small and large groups of children and adults, starting at the age of 7. This experiential workshop is not only educational and fun but also serves to develop participants' sense of achievement. 

Most of us have never had the opportunity to hold a complexed polyhedra in our hands and were deprived of the spectacularly aesthetic world of significant multidimensional structures.


In this Workshop participants will fold polyhedral structures, simply and quickly, to form an extensive series of paper polyhedra.


This workshop allows participants to get acquainted with the world of two-dimensional nets and the historic evolution of this field from the 16th century, the time of Da Vinci and Dürer, until our time.


The game and workshop are developed on the basis of a single paper folding unit comprising eight equilateral triangles. This unique technique overcomes the need of mathematical formulae or angle computation. It even forsakes the need for glue or scissors. 


This simple pedagogical tool may serve math teachers in their endeavors of teaching spatial geometry. Moreover, the model presented herein unifies most polyhedral structures by unfolding them into a single net of a single cut. 




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