Level 1: Stage 1


What you need

1/2 octafold

(2 pairs of triangle segments)


The folding process

1) Connect the two octa-quarters as shown below

2) Fold into the tetrahedron by pulling head to tail in a spiraling movement



Basic traits

Equilateral triangle faces: 4

Vertices: 4

Edges: 8


The tetrahedron is actually a pyramid. It is the simplest polyhedron in existence, and as such, it is the fundamental body in the fields of chemistry and molecular biology.




What is the simplest molecule the atoms of which are arranged in a tetrahedral manner?





The molecule of the water is H20, The two hydrogen atoms form an angle of about 105 degrees with the oxygen atom. This angle produces an asymmetrical molecule with the oxygen atom dominating one end of the molecule and hydrogen atoms dominating the other end.

Water has many more options to assemble - but the tetrahedron is the basic one.