Level 1: Stage 7


What you need

2 octafold

1/2 octafold (2 pairs of triangle segments)


Basic traits

Equilateral triangle faces: 20

Vertices: 12

Edges: 30


In as much as a shape made of triangles can be circular, the icosahedron is the smallest ball you can make of triangles.

It is one of the five perfect, or Paltonic, solids and Plato ascribed it the quality of water, maybe because it would roll off your hand if you held it.

The icosahedron has 43,380 distinct nets!




What miniscule creature likes to form in the shape of an icosahedron?




the virus: 

Adenovirus ichosaedral nucleocapsid structure

picture from - http://3dciencia.com/blog/?p=458




What architectonic technique was inspired by the icosahedron?




geodesic dome by buckminster fuller